Marquette Warrior: Hating the College Republicans

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Hating the College Republicans

Strong feelings, and sometimes outright hate, have long been a part of politics. But for most of the 20th Century, it just wasn’t cool to admit that you hated your political enemies.

That has changed. During the Bush Administration, liberal Democrats have increasingly come to loudly, proudly declare that they hate Bush, and hate Republicans. And they extend that hate to College Republicans at Marquette.

In the wake of the “Sniper” controversy, the College Republicans’ “Adopt a Sniper” fund-raiser became a subject of conversation on the Democratic Underground discussion forums.

The level of venom was astonishing. The following is a selection of the comments. While there were a few moderate and temperate comments, the following are more typical.

Warning -- Vulgar Language in the following
The Republican Party has completely lost it's soul, if indeed they had one to begin with. I can’t begin to tell you how MUCH this disgusts me.

Why not buy your own gear and go volunteer for the military? Fuckin Chickenhawks!

When you cant get laid, pick up a gun an become a sniper!

Anal-retentive @$$holes !!!

At first, i thought they wanted to adopt liberal-targeting snipers.

Or Bombing all those Abortion Clinics and killing doctors years back. Sicko’s! I'd like to see them walk through one of my old neighborhoods. Freekin-Freepers. Oh, but it would be in the name of “their” almighty.

Don’t assume one of the folks in that lovely group hadn’t thought of it

Yes, Junior Republicans, killing is so much fun.

I guess that screws their plans for a “kick women on the ground” table.

How about joining up and BECOMING a sniper? Or are the College Republicans too cowardly for that?

Not Gonna Happen. College/Young Rethugicans are generally too uppity rich to sacrifice for this country. They all have their sights set on those prestigious MBAs so they can figure out how to screw and exploit the masses and workers.

how do people even ‘get’ so vicious??????? where does all of this hatred and bile come from??

from their tiny leetle penises...

Thats why they turn to big, bad guns. Women laugh at their other “gun”.

from their bible thumping parents!! n/t

sick minds. a cancer on society

The Marquette College Republicans are frat assclowns

I Hate Their Cowardly A$$es.

I hate these College Republican groups.

Maybe these future Chickenhawks should have a recruiter sitting there. These piss-ants should put their money where their big fat mouths are.

Give those fuckers some enlistment papers and send ‘em to Iraq. Ignorant fuckfaces.

I'm holding out for “Adopt a Torturer”!

They have no scruples...... its idiots like these that perpetuate war and hate and killing. Thats what Bush has taught kids. That killing is fun! These fools have no idea what its like because they haven't been there. The best thing to tell them is to go fight in the fucking war if they support it so much.

impress the little bastards. as in, press into service in iraq.

I’m wondering when they'll decide that nukes are OK.

What wimps.

Sick degenerate republican youth

Why aren’t these violent pigs in Iraq??
If anybody thinks I’ve taken a few unrepresentative comments out of a long train of post, they can examine the entire discussion, as downloaded on February 5, 2005.

Now, one could say that this sort of rhetoric isn’t indicative of much beyond the fact that hotheads hang out online at places like Democratic Underground. But consider Howard Dean’s recent statement:
I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for . . . .
And consider the fact that film maker Michael Moore was given a place of honor next to Jimmy and Rosalind Carter and the summer Democratic convention.

Now, it’s certainly not the case that all liberal Democrats are bigots, but it’s hard to avoid the conclusion that a visceral hatred is way too common in, and has penetrated way too close to the center of, the Democratic Party.


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