Marquette Warrior: What Do Real Soldiers (Not University Bureaucrats) Think of Snipers

Friday, February 04, 2005

What Do Real Soldiers (Not University Bureaucrats) Think of Snipers

Marquette's administration seems to think that supporting snipers is a bad idea. But what do people who have their lives on the line think? The following is from an e-mail I got this past Wednesday, when the Sniper story broke in the media.

Heard your interview on WTMJ this afternoon - sounds like your on our side. Hopefully this "adopt sniper" fundraiser will be able to come back. As a 16-year Army vet and former paratrooper, I know first-hand that snipers can be your best friend on the battlefield; to react like these wackos did is unfortunate, yet typical of the liberal establishment.

Wonder if Ms [Stephanie] Russell would have objected had the College Dems sponsored a support a terrorist' campaign. . .

My guess is that Marquette would not allow something called "Support a Terrorist," but I can't help but remember back in the 80s when Catholic activist types were going down to Central America and helping Marxist guerrillas. I'll bet the current Marquette administration could find an excuse to support that kind of activity.


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