Marquette Warrior: Those “Brain Dead” Republicans

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Those “Brain Dead” Republicans

Democratic National Committee Chair Howard Dean has been to Toronto, and in his inimitable style said that Republicans are “brain-dead.” According to the Toronto Star:
One major reason his party lost the 2004 race to the “brain-dead” Republicans is that it has a “tendency to explain every issue in half an hour of detail,” Dean told the semi-annual meeting of Democrats Abroad, which brought about 150 members from Canada and 30 other countries to the Toronto for two days.

“I'm going to be very disciplined about how we deliver messages. We can have policy deliberations in rooms like this. On TV, we have to be very focused.”
Dean went on to reiterate a common theme of Democratic Party leaders, explaining that there is no need for the Party to change any of its positions, they only need to tweak the rhetoric.
“The majority is on our side. We need to figure out how to talk differently about these issues.”
Thus, people like Dean and Hillary Clinton believe that if they just say that they want abortions to be “safe, legal and rare” that will placate anti-abortion voters.

They must think such voters are stupid.

Supposedly, such voters aren’t going to notice that abortions are far from rare, and that Democrats oppose any policies that might make them rare. They aren’t going to notice that Democrats vote not only to keep abortion legal, but to publicly fund it. And vote for partial birth abortion. And think that teenage girls should be able to get abortions not only without their parents permission, but even without their parents being told.

And of course, these same stupid voters can’t understand the “nuanced” style of the Democrats. Somehow, they don’t see nuance, but mealy-mouthed evasion and equivocation.

The Democrats have the fundamental problem of believing that they are the smart people in American politics and that everybody else is stupid. Getting clobbered at the polls simply seems to reinforce that belief. Given current trends, the Democrats can be predicted to have bigger and bigger egos, and less and less political power.


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