Marquette Warrior: University Ministry and the “Gay Rights” Agenda

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

University Ministry and the “Gay Rights” Agenda

Another fine piece of research from GOP3.COM. The University Ministry web site actively promotes a “gay rights” political agenda.

They do not merely link to sites that are somehow “resources” for homosexuals. Rather they link to sites that are dedicated to using politics to impose their views about sexuality upon people who disagree – and this includes Christians, both Catholic and Protestant.

This “gay rights” political slant had long characterized the University Ministry web site. When the University refused to recognize a student chapter of the Human Rights Campaign, the University Ministry removed the link to the national organization’s web site from their web page. Apparently, the contradiction between the University’s negative verdict on the organization and the University Ministry’s endorsement was too glaring.

But any accomodation to the Catholic mission of the University was late, grudging and forced.

This is the same University Ministry, of course, which sponsors Soup with Substance, a noontime speakers series that has an incessantly leftist and propagandistic political agenda.

One might think that a campus ministry, of all places, would be where one could find people fully willing to endorse and support the teachings of the Church. Instead, it seems to merely provide cover for people whose loyalty is to trendy secular ideologies.


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