Marquette Warrior: John J. Stollenwerk “Explains” (Recants)

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

John J. Stollenwerk “Explains” (Recants)

Here is a statement issued by Marquette Trustee John J. Stollenwerk. This is an e-mail sent to radio talk show host Mark Belling. The name of the person who forwarded the original e-mail to Belling has been redacted.

I am traveling this week but wanted to take a moment to respond. [. . .] shared a private correspondence of ours in which I expressed a private opinion. He deemed to make it public to embarrass me and Marquette University. With friends like that who needs enemies? I fully support and voted yes on the Marquette University Board of Trustees’ decision to:

1. Not go back to the name “Warriors”
2. Change the name from “Golden Eagles”
3. Change the name to “Gold”

In my private comments to Mr. [. . .], I stated: “I hope they rescind this decision regarding ‘Gold’ . . .” in reference to my concern with the process wherein we did not engage all interested parties in this name change. I believe that we should make every effort to do this. The name to me is not nearly as important as the process which should clearly reflect our Jesuit Catholic values.

John J. Stollenwerk
President and CEO
Allen-Edmonds Shoe Corporation
How wanting to “rescind” a decision doesn’t mean you want it reversed is a mystery.


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