Marquette Warrior: Update: Marquette Planned to Recruit at “Gay Pride” Event

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Update: Marquette Planned to Recruit at “Gay Pride” Event

Last week we posted the fact that Marquette University was among schools signed up to recruit high school students at a “Gay Pride” event in Washington, DC.

We were unable, at that time, to confirm that an actual official University representative (as opposed to, say, an ad hoc group of alumni) had planned to recruit at the event. We were also unable to confirm that any Marquette representative actually attended the event.

A phone call from Marquette’s east coast recruiter (Melissa Marabella) confirms that it was indeed she who signed up for, and planned to attend, the event.

It turned out she got stuck in Baltimore, and wasn’t able to attend.

We continue to find it odd that Marquette would recruit students among a group defined by its rejection of Church teaching on sexuality. These were not teenagers merely confused about their sexuality, nor teenagers struggling to maintain a moral lifestyle (just as heterosexuals often have to struggle). These were teenagers who have explicitly chosen to reject (and most likely sneer at) Church teaching on sexuality.

But apparently, Church teaching on sexuality isn’t something that has much value in the Admissions office.


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