Marquette Warrior: Mixing Religion and Politics — On the Left

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Mixing Religion and Politics — On the Left

From the new conservative blogger Dennis York, an account of how Wisconsin political activists — especially Lutheran and Jewish activists — don’t seem to mind “mixing religion and politics.”

It seems that, in their view, a religious agenda is utterly indistinguishable from the standard liberal political agenda. York says:
I’m no Bible scholar, but I missed the part where the Lord lectured about the siting of nuclear power plants. Just which sermon was it that Jesus voiced his opposition to product liability? Was the burning bush not adequately flame-retardant? Did Jesus encourage the use of hybrid-electric vehicles right after he expressed his preference for Bo Bice to win American Idol?
This sort of thing needs to be thrown in the face of every liberal one finds bitching about Christian conservatives and their political activism.


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