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Sunday, June 19, 2005

True Diversity

A very poignant post from the new Marquette student blog Logres, deals with the admission of foreign students to Marquette.

The blogger in question, Therese Gotcher, explains that she works in the Admissions office at Marquette, and that the office regularly gets e-mails like the following:
hillo, sir/madam iam interest in study inthe us but i have no money.nigeria is a very poor natin and my famly cant afford to school me but i want to educate so i can be a bussinesman and have a gud life,thankx to youand god bless, omagi talumi
She then explains her reaction to this situation:
Usually we laugh and then send them a form email, politely informing them that Marquette has limited scholarships and won’t admit them if they can’t pay. And then we go on our merry way.

But it’s heartbreaking, really. Besides my faith, my education is the greatest gift I’ve ever received, and one of the few that I actually remember to thank God for. But some people just have no chance of getting one. Period.
The situation is particularly ironic in light of the constant prating about “diversity” that Marquette and other U.S. universities engage in. The intention of “diversity” programs is to stack the faculty and student body with people who are thought to be (sometimes wrongly) dependably liberal and left and think just like the liberal and left faculty who push such programs.

But real diversity would require giving students who have radically different backgrounds and experiences a place at Marquette. Blacks from Africa fill this requirement much better than middle class blacks from the typical American city. Indeed, students from poor and working class backgrounds (regardless of their race) fit the bill better than middle class students.

Interestingly, the same Marquette Admissions office that gives the back of its hand to students from Africa planned to recruit students at a “Gay Pride” festival in Washington, DC.

It seems there is diversity, and there is political correctness. They are not the same, regardless of what the politically correct people claim.


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