Marquette Warrior: History of “Warriors” at Marquette

Sunday, July 10, 2005

History of “Warriors” at Marquette

An outstanding post on has information on the adoption of the “Warriors” nickname in 1954. What appears to be a University press release notes:
The school was named after Pere Jacques Marquette, famous Jesuit explorer and missionary who discovered the Mississippi River. Converting the Redman to the ways of God was Marquette’s chief reason for his explorations throughout the state of Wisconsin. His association with the Indians, who befrended the priest, is the attachment which officials found to be suitable for adoption.
This produced a sarcastic response from another poster:
How terrible was Father Marquette to think that his religion was superior to the Native Americans, hence the need to covert them to followers of God? How paternalistic and condescending. Actually, it sounds just like DiUlio/Wild!

Wayne Sanders should donate his 1 million for the reparation trust fund instead.
The poster has a good point. Once one adopts the premises of the politically correct crowd, Marquette has no business being called “Marquette.”

But the University wants it both ways. It wants to claim to be a Catholic university while implicitly renouncing any aspects of its heritage or of Catholic teaching that don’t sit well with politically correct sensibilities.


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