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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Letter to the Editor: Gwen Moore

This came via e-mail in response to our article on Representative Gwen Moore, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, honored by Marquette in spite of a strongly pro-abortion voting record both in the Wisconsin legislature and the House.
Just read your blog on Gwen Moore then read the piece on the MU website. Her story is inspiring and one MU has a right to be proud of. It’s unfortunate you are unable to discern any value in Gwen Moore’s service and accomplishments because of your apparent inability to get beyond two wedge issues.

Like most individuals and institutions, MU is able to take a balanced view of issues and public people instead of via their positions on one or two wedge issues and condemning or hailing them for it.

People of faith disagree on abortion and gay rights. Thoughtful people have differing views on every topic we face. Our founding fathers disagreed passionately at times. God created man with free will, requiring us to discern, debate, listen, grow, advocate passionately . . . but also expects us to love on another.

Extremists on both sides of every issue - left and right - distract the mainstream from the work of man. You spill venom and hate, create apathy and disgust. Ever heard the adage “seek first to understand, then to be understood?”

Charlie Young
MU Warrior, class of 1978
Young insists that “people of faith disagree on abortion and gay rights.” But people of good will disagree on (say) environmental issues, and we wouldn’t expect the Sierra Club to endorse a candidate who wanted to drill for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Why are liberal groups allowed to take strong positions, but a Catholic University isn’t supposed to take a position on issues like abortion and gay “rights?”

It’s also interesting that Young mentions “wedge issues.” This is liberal jargon for “issues you shouldn’t pay much attention to, because if you do it might cause you to vote Republican.”

Liberals, by way of contrast, see nothing wrong with “wedge issues” (say, globalization or Social Security) if they might lead people to vote for the Democrats.

Finally we have the fact that Marquette claims to take its “Catholic mission” quite seriously on some occasions. The Administration insists that the nickname “Warriors” is contrary to the University’s mission, and invoked that mission to shut up a College Republican display that raised money for American military snipers.

So what we have is the University being rigid and dogmatic about issues that have only the most tangential and debatable connection to the Catholic “mission” but entirely flexible and “balanced” about issues where the Church has taken crystal clear positions.

That does not suggest fidelity to any Catholic mission. It suggests political correctness.


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