Marquette Warrior: Liberals and “Traitor” Karl Rove

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Liberals and “Traitor” Karl Rove

Any trace of restraint in expressing their hatred appears to have deserted the left where Karl Rove and his supposed “outing” of Valery Plame is concerned.

He is widely condemned as a “traitor.” A quick Google search turns up this exact language on: . . . with the latter adding “Execute the scumbag bastard.”

What Rove supposedly did was reveal to a Time reporter the identity of a CIA employee, who technically had “covert” status. In reality, she was known to acquaintances and friends to be a CIA employee, and it had been years since she did any kind of genuinely covert work. Further, the Time reporter didn’t use the information to “blow” Plame’s identity. Robert Novak did that, and he apparently had the information before Rove did.

But liberals and leftists, we are to believe, are very very scrupulous about national security. It’s just thoroughly and entirely unacceptable to them ever to compromise the identity of anybody who works for the CIA.

So how would the liberals and leftists react if somebody not affiliated with the Bush White House revealed the names of CIA operatives? What if he revealed the names of operatives engaged in real covert operations abroad?

There is no need to wonder about this. It happened.

In 1975, CIA turncoat Philip Agee published Inside the Company: CIA Diary in which he identified 250 CIA officers and agents. Further:
In 1978 Agee and a small group of supporters began publishing the Covert Action Information Bulletin in order to promote what Agee called “a worldwide campaign to destabilize the CIA through exposure of its operations and personnel.”
Not only were Agee’s actions intended to harm the CIA, he may have been responsible for the murder of a CIA agent in Greece.

So this should make him a pariah, right?

In fact he’s popular not only with the hard left, but with more mainstream liberals. The Los Angeles Times, for example, published a column of his attacking the Bush Administration in the October 3, 2003 edition. About the same time, ABC gave him a platform to deliver a similar message.

Just this past week, we were on Wisconsin Public Radio with Matt Rothschild, editor of The Progressive, who made it clear he had no objection to what Agee did.

But now we have a bunch of born again hard liners, expressing outrage that Rove would do such a thing as reveal the identity of a CIA employee.

To say they lack credibility is an understatement.


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