Marquette Warrior: Planned Parenthood Anti-Abstinence Video

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Planned Parenthood Anti-Abstinence Video

From the Badger Blog Alliance:

A video from the San Francisco branch of Planned Parenthood that derides all those (abstinance advocates, anti-abortion protestors, conservative politicians and Jerry Falwell) who disagree with Planned Parenthood’s positions.

It features a “superhero” who is a black woman who eats organic vegetables. We are obviously deep into politically correct territory here.

The video shows her using violence against those who disagree with Planned Parenthood.

Particularly rich is the portrayal of the abstinence advocate who has the persona of the villain in an 1890s melodrama. He is stuffed in a garbage can by the “superhero.”

Liberals have always claimed that sexual abstinence on the part of teenagers might be ideal, but the problem is that it “won’t work.” This video, like the “Screw Abstinence Party” that NARAL in Seattle hosted, shows that the sexual liberals don’t want it to work. They actually seem to prefer sexual promiscuity.

If that seems irrational, it is. But in the culture wars, a move toward abstinence by American teenagers would be seen as a victory for conservatives.


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