Marquette Warrior: Clinton Cut Flood Control Spending

Friday, September 02, 2005

Clinton Cut Flood Control Spending

While the anti-Bush left is attacking the President for supposedly causing the devastation in New Orleans, EU Rota blog (Via Dad29), publishes an account of how Clinton cut spending on a variety of flood control projects, including many in Louisiana.

Does that mean that Clinton is really to blame for the disaster? Of course not. As EU Rota concludes:
And on it goes. No amount of money can guarantee the risk-free existence so craved by the US Left. The post is not a slam on President Clinton, it merely shows that his administration was not exactly tackling the flood-control issue in Louisiana as Mr. Blumenthal suggests in his anti-Bush “piece”. The post asks Mr. Blumenthal and the US Left to stop looting this disaster for very cheap political reasons.


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