Marquette Warrior: “Diversity” Advocate Goes Ballistic

Thursday, September 29, 2005

“Diversity” Advocate Goes Ballistic

Madison’s Mendota Beacon ran an opinion column by Brad Vogel opposing affirmative action racial preferences. His rather moderate and temperate article drew the following comment from an irate supporter of preferences:
Mr. Vogel

You are the biggest bigot I have ever read. I can see you now: a white male who grew up in a white town who goes to a mostly white school. Feels nice doesn’t it? My only hope is that this country turns brown (AND IT WILL) and you will have to be the minority for once. The proud repressed races will treat you like you treated us for all of these years. First, Spanish will be the official language of the US. Second, all White immigration will be halted...we don’t need your people expanding...or breeding at all. Third, we will shove all of you people into ghettos...just as you are doing with us. The WASP will become extinct and the next century will belong to US. Enjoy the last years of your privileged life, because the future will be a much darker, progressive one!

The Truth Hurts
It’s one of the ugly realities of modern academia that politically correct people are considered authorized to make the most bigoted and intolerant statements. This reminds us of Brent Bray’s attack on Joseph Kastner:
Add to that a web page of a naive person with black and white assumptions of small town Wisconsin, and you have a loaded gun blindly aimed at Arab-Americans.
Thus it’s perfectly fine to demonize whites, males, Republicans, Christians and people from small towns, but don’t you dare say anything unkind about blacks, Hispanics, gays or Arabs!


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