Marquette Warrior: Leftists Meet In Baraboo

Friday, September 09, 2005

Leftists Meet In Baraboo

An account of the program from Fighting Bob Fest, an upcoming meeting of “progressives” (read: leftists) in Baraboo just published on the Wigderson Library & Pub.

Some highlights:
Morning Session

8:30-9:30am Complimentary breakfast of organic vegan sausage, whole grain toast with collective dairy butter, John Kerry waffles, and environmentally friendly, fair trade, shade-grown, and organic coffee.

9:30-9:35am A moment of silence for the trees that gave their lives so that Bob Fest could go on.

9:45-10:30am Environmentally conscious tie-dye process demonstration using organic beets and free growing dandelions for dye. Demonstration will use a non-polluting process to preserve our ground water, lakes and streams. Participants are asked to bring their own clothing items for dying, preferably from a non-exploitative clothing manufacturer.

. . .

Afternoon Session

12:30pm-1: 30pm Childrens books discussion panel. Childrens literature to be discussed includes, “Hiroshima: After Effects of Radiation Poisoning”, “Das Kapital”, “Daddy Warbucks’ Capitalist and Sexist Exploitation of Little Orphan Annie” and “Your Right to a Free Abortion”.

1:45pm-2: 30pm Tobacco, Capitalism, Imperialism and George Bush
Now, we must say that we suspect that this is actually a parody.

But we can’t be entirely sure.


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