Marquette Warrior: More: 1832 Charges Racism

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

More: 1832 Charges Racism

A post of ours earlier today discussed a posting on the 1832 blog accusing student blogger Joseph Kastner of racism.

It’s been a bad day for the folks at 1832. Steve at Eminent Domain details how they first engaged in an inept attempt to conceal the identity of the fellow who wrote the post, and have changed the URL of the post a couple of times. Steve concludes:
1832 should come clean about the original post. Explain what you originally posted on your blog, explain why it was wrong to level an attack at someone from behind a fake name, explain why there were no links originally, explain why you changed it. Or you can keep changing the URL. Either way, I’m annoyed enough by this to keep it up.
This is a tempest in a teapot, of course, but perhaps the sort of pickle one should get into when throwing around charges of racism.


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