Marquette Warrior: Nick Burckel, Dean of Libraries, Retires

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Nick Burckel, Dean of Libraries, Retires

We have so much fun bashing inept Marquette bureaucrats that it feels odd to say something good about a University administrator. But fairness demands it.

Nick Burckel is retiring as the Dean of Libraries.

We’ve dealt with him on a couple of contentious issues -- not on opposite sides, rather he seemed to be a neutral party. He’s always been a straight shooter, open, honest and absolutely forthcoming.

He has presided over a part of the University with a very benign organizational culture. Libary staff are extraordinarily helpful, always finding ways to let people get done what they want to get done, rather than making life difficult.

It’s true that Burckel inherited this. But it’s also true that he preserved it. We need more like him.


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