Marquette Warrior: Indians Only English Class at Arizona State University

Friday, October 07, 2005

Indians Only English Class at Arizona State University

From the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, the fact that Arizona State University designated “Rainbow Sections” of English 101 and 102 and advertised them as being open to “Native Americans only” on the university’s website.

The university apparently reacted quickly and told the professor that he could not limit his class to a certain racial group. One particularly bizarre comment on the situation from from a professor at another university:
Michael A. Olivas, a law professor at the University of Houston . . . is a strong supporter of affirmative action. He . . . said that these disputes distract people from other inequities in academe, such as “set asides at universities that are for rich white kids — they are called honors programs.”
Apparently, Olivas doesn’t think that black, Hispanic or Indian kids can hack it in honors programs.

Interesting how quickly politically correct people start saying racist things, isn’t it?


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