Marquette Warrior: Sad State of Christianity in Britain

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Sad State of Christianity in Britain

From Mundy’s Musings on Christianity:

. . . a story in the Times (London) with the title “Catholic Church no longer swears by truth of the Bible.”

That’s not as bad as it sounds, since the document in question merely says that some parts of the Bible (the creation story in Genesis, for example) aren’t intended as literal history. The document, according to the Times does affirm the literal accuracy of the virgin birth and the bodily resurrection of Christ.

Which makes it more conservative than most theology faculties.

But buried at the end of the story is a revealing tidbit.
A Christian charity is sending a film about the Christmas story to every primary school in Britain after hearing of a young boy who asked his teacher why Mary and Joseph had named their baby after a swear word. The Breakout Trust raised £200,000 to make the 30-minute animated film, It’s a Boy. Steve Legg, head of the charity, said: “There are over 12 million children in the UK and only 756,000 of them go to church regularly.

That leaves a staggering number who are probably not receiving basic Christian teaching.”


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