Marquette Warrior: Tolerant Diversity Advocates

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Tolerant Diversity Advocates

When a University of Illinois alumnus wrote to us with his thoughts on the school’s stance toward its Indian mascot (Chief Illinwek) we wrote him to ask whether we should use his name when we posted his letter. We got the following response:
You can post the narrative, but I don’t want my name used. The Anti-Chief crowd has been known to be a bit violent. A few years back, many merchants in our Campustown decorated their windows for Homecoming (much like a high school in a small town, with tempra paint on windows and that sort of thing). All of the stores who dared to have a representation of Chief Illinwek had their windows broken on Friday night/Saturday morning before the football game.

That’s the mentality of the people who don’t like Chief. No, I don’t want my name out there in any form. I wish it was different.
Yes, it’s the tolerance crowd. The believers in diversity.


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