Marquette Warrior: More: Support for Homosexuality at Catholic Universities

Friday, November 25, 2005

More: Support for Homosexuality at Catholic Universities

Daniel Suhr of the GOP3.COM Blog has been researching a story we recently posted (Jesuit University Says Support to Gay Organizations is “The Catholic Thing” to Do) and added much interesting (sometimes hair raising) information, incisive commentary on the event at the University of Santa Clara, and also a local angle.

Suhr, for example, established that the keynote speaker at the event has called Pope Benedict XVI a “former Nazi.” Suhr also uncovered quite a lot of information about other people at the conference.

As for the local angle: Suhr notes a document, from a Student Leadership Summit, that discusses “Homosexuality discrimination” and promises to “Look into writing a policy as far as homosexuals rooming together” and notes “There is no policy about homosexuals living together. Talk to hall directors @9:00AM Wednesday meeting.” (Here is a PDF version saved on our server.)

Given the politically correct groupthink that prevails among college administrators, we would not be surprised to see Marquette follow in the footsteps of Loyola (Baltimore) and set aside special housing for homosexual students.


Several of the links in the GOP3.COM article no longer work, the documents having been removed from the Santa Clara server. We managed to retrieve three:
  1. A blurb titled “About Out There”
  2. Contact information
  3. The conference program


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