Marquette Warrior: Pro-Gay Intolerance From a Catholic University

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Pro-Gay Intolerance From a Catholic University


Gonzaga University tried to censor a speaker critical of homosexuality.
The College Republicans club invited John Diggs, a physician with the Massachusetts Physicians Resource Council, to speak about “The Medical Effects of Homo-Sex” on Oct. 27.

Responding to concerns that the event might stir up anti-homosexual sentiments, university officials refused to approve the event and ordered students not to advertise it on campus.

“Prohibiting students from advertising a campus lecture is censorship,” [Patrick] Reilly said. “Even though Gonzaga was prevented by its own rules from halting the event altogether, it attempted to ensure that few students would attend the lecture.

“Fortunately, Gonzaga’s political correctness backfired,” he added. “The auditorium was packed with students eager to hear medical facts that Gonzaga’s officials and the mainstream media don’t want them to discuss, even in an academic setting.”


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