Marquette Warrior: Unions Forcing Jobs Out of Wisconsin

Monday, November 21, 2005

Unions Forcing Jobs Out of Wisconsin

A great post from the GOP3.COM Blog about how unions, and politicians who push the union agenda, are forcing jobs out of Wisconsin. The author, Brandon Henak, tells us that
Today, I had the privilege of attending a presentation by a Rockwell Automation Global Inventory Manager. Among a number of logistics strategy slides and detailed career advice, he mentioned the fact that Rockwell has a five year plan to move all of its manufacturing operations out of Milwaukee.

When asked for the reasoning behind the removal, he stated that the high cost of unionized labor combined with one of the worst tax environments in the country had seriously impacted profits.
Henak goes on to note how dependent Wisconsin’s Governor Doyle is on union money, and goes on:
Many of the jobs will be moving to Iowa and overseas. The Rockwell representative also stated that many of it’s competitors had moved overseas already to escape devastatingly high union fees. The unions themselves are driving their jobs overseas with continuously outrageous demands and anti-business, liberal political activism.
Eventually, of course, the market catches up with people who want to earn more than their productivity allows in a highly competitive world market. One can adapt, or one can pretend that the problem is only with evil corporations or Republican politicians. Taking the latter course merely increases the pain.


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