Marquette Warrior: Update: Marquette Administrators at Santa Clara Gay Activism Conference

Monday, November 28, 2005

Update: Marquette Administrators at Santa Clara Gay Activism Conference

Daniel Suhr of the GOP3.COM blog has finally gotten a response from the Marquette Administration about who from Marquette attended a campus gay activism conference at the University of Santa Clara.
Two Marquette administrators, David Borgealt from the Office of Student Development and Fr. Patrick Dorsey from University Ministry, attended the recent conference (Out There: The First National Conference of Scholars and Student Affairs Professionals Involved in LGBTQ Issues on Catholic Campuses) held at Santa Clara University. The conference convened faculty and administrators from approximately 40 Catholic universities to examine GLBT issues facing their campuses.
Marquette, of course, wants to define its agenda as protecting homosexuals from “harrassment” and “discrimination.”

But much of the conference revolved around creating Gay and Lesbian studies courses and even majors. One policy touted at the conference was having separate gay living quarters, and indeed a group of students at a recent Marquette “Leadership Summit” appears to have endorsed the idea.

However much Marquette may talk about “serving the needs of students,” it’s difficult to avoid the conclusion that strategically-placed University bureaucrats are simply opposed to the teaching of the Church on homosexuality, and seek to undermine it at Marquette so far as they are able.

They can hardly admit that, but the “body language” is pretty clear.


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