Marquette Warrior: Coming: <EM>Journal-Sentinel</EM> Article on the Secularization of Christmas

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Coming: Journal-Sentinel Article on the Secularization of Christmas

We got a call today from a reporter for the Journal-Sentinel who is doing a story on the battle over the secularization of Christmas, and had noticed the story on this blog about the sparcity (and at one point, complete lack) of Christian Christmas music.

The original story is here, with follow-ups here and here.

The reporter seemed to want to know whether we would “slam” WRIT. We said we would be disappointed if the station had bought into the notion that Christian expression at Christmas is somehow “controversial” and should be avoided.

She also wanted to know whether we would “boycott” the station. Our response is that one can’t boycott some station that one doesn’t listen to anyway, but we would recommend WFZH 105.3 The Fish, which not only plays more Christian music, but just simply plays better music than WRIT and WMYX.

We’ll see how the story turns out.


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