Marquette Warrior: Dental School Blogger in Limbo

Friday, December 23, 2005

Dental School Blogger in Limbo

We previously reported that Dental School Dean William Lobb would rule on the appeal of the student who was suspended over comments he posted on his blog by this past Wednesday (December 21).

Actually, we correctly reported that Lobb would have five days to rule on the appeal, but (following the blogger’s lawyer) assumed that meant business days.

In fact, Lobb has five school days to rule. Which means he could delay until the start of the second semester.

The GOP3 blog contacted Brigid O’Brien Miller who confirmed that no decision has yet been made.

Dean Lobb failed to respond either to our e-mail or our voice mail asking when a decision is expected.

Finally, we e-mailed Provost Madeline Wake asking whether her office would review the Dean’s decision if he fails to rescind or radically reduce the punishment.

She failed to respond to our inquiry.

The fact that Marquette is taking its time — and indeed appears to be stonewalling on the issue — may be a good sign. Our guess is that they were sobered by the firestorm of criticism the punishment provoked.


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