Marquette Warrior: T-Shirts in Boston: No Free Speech

Saturday, December 03, 2005

T-Shirts in Boston: No Free Speech

We like the fact that the current mayor of Boston believes in free speech when it comes to calling a Christmas tree a Christmas tree.

He’s not so tolerant about T-shirts.

He has ordered the seizing retailers stocks of T-shirts with the motto “Stop Snitchin.’”

The claim is that this apparel is used to intimidate witnesses who might report a crime or cooperate with the police.

Government does have a right to punish people who try to intimidate witnesses. But at a minimum they should have to show that some identifiable individual tried to intimidate another identifiable individual. At that point, they should arrest the individual and seize the T-shirt as evidence.

Going around seizing things that must might be used in a crime goes way too far.


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