Marquette Warrior: Canada: The Wimps There Don’t Like Snipers Either

Monday, January 30, 2006

Canada: The Wimps There Don’t Like Snipers Either

From an article by Mark Steyn in the Wall Street Journal, January 26, 2006; Page A10.

How the left-leaning former government, and left-leaning political culture in Canada can’t face the reality of war.
In April 2002, the Pentagon wished to confer the Bronze Star on five snipers from the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry in Afghanistan for their service in . . . killing the enemy. Ottawa put the request on hold, relenting grudgingly only after the matter was made public. It seems the Canadian government’s main objection was a reluctance to let it be known that our military still, er, shoots people, and extremely accurately. The backs of our five-dollar bills celebrate the armed forces, but they’re all unarmed — peacekeepers, elderly veterans, etc.
These attitudes, of course, are present at Marquette, and seem to dominate the Office of Student Development and the Mission office.

Thus Marquette closed down a College Republican fundraiser for American snipers last February.

What does one say about people who claim to believe in Catholic teaching, but can always twist it to take a leftist position?


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