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Monday, January 16, 2006

Dental School Blogger Story in the Badger Herald

The story continues to have legs, although coverage in student papers is necessarily delayed due to students being off campus and out of school when it broke.

But here is Madison’s Badger Herald story on the Dental School blogger.

It’s pretty good, although the reporter said the student’s comments toward a professor were “shockingly negative.” She must be easily shocked. And she failed to mention that the professor was not named.

But she’s right on in discussing the PR flack stuff that Marquette put out on the case:
. . . according to a statement released by the university, the Marquette School of Dentistry will continue to “emphasize the importance of the highest standards of professional conduct expected of its students as they prepare to enter the practice of dentistry.”

However, these precise standards of conduct are not specifically outlined. Many believe this has caused debate over what exactly is and is not permissible in relation to free speech.
Enforcing well-defined standards of conduct is one thing. But when the standards aren’t well defined, their “enforcement” is just an arbitrary exercise of power.


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