Marquette Warrior: Fr. Wild, Bigwigs Get Choice of Colas on Fifth Floor of Union

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Fr. Wild, Bigwigs Get Choice of Colas on Fifth Floor of Union

As Marquette students, faculty and staff are aware, bureaucrats on the business side of the University have given Pepsi Cola a monopoly on soft drink sales on campus.

You can’t get Coke anywhere on campus that students and faculty and staff go. Not in the Union cafeteria, not in the dorm dining rooms nor any snack bars around campus.

But it seems that not everybody has to have their choices limited.

When bigwigs are entertained on the fifth floor of the Union, they get a choice of Coke or Pepsi.

Marquette spokeswoman Brigid O’Brien Miller, in a response to our query, said the following:
Marquette University serves Pepsi products at all its events, in accordance with a university contract. On very unique occasions, at the request of a distinguished guest, a specific request for another type of beverage may be accommodated. However, this is a rare exception.
But just how rare are the “rare” exceptions? Miller, in response to a further query, declined to supply any additional information.

Julie Kuligowski, Event Management Coordinator in the Union, declined to comment when contacted by the Marquette Warrior blog.

But we have learned that these “rare exceptions” aren’t as rare as Miller implies. At Trustee meetings Coke and Pepsi are always available, and people at those meetings can take their pick.

We gather, although we don’t have specific confirmation, that Coke is always available at fifth floor events, but only at fifth floor events.

Apparently, students, faculty and staff are not “distinguished” enough to be allowed to drink whatever kind of cola they want to drink.


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