Marquette Warrior: Germany: Immigrants Must Pass Political Correctness Test

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Germany: Immigrants Must Pass Political Correctness Test

From from the Shark and Shepard blog:

. . . the fact that immigrants to a German state must express politically correct social attitudes.
(Berlin) Under a new law that went into effect this week the state of Baden-Württemberg is requiring that Muslims applying to become German citizens take a cultural test to determine if they “are suitable.”

The test will seek their views on homosexuality and other issues such as bigamy and women’s rights. The exam will be on top of a federal test which includes language proficiency skills and a general knowledge of the country.

Prospective citizens must have resided in Germany for at least eight years and have no criminal record.

State officials said that the test will gauge an applicants “loyalty to German values.”

Those who pass the test and become German citizens could have it revoked if they are found guilty of homophobia or other crimes such as wife-beating.

Other German states have indicated they are looking at similar tests.

Critics say that the test is biased and discriminatory because it is applied only to Muslims. They say that if a test is to be given it should be administered to any applicant for citizenship.

Supporters of the test say that Muslims in general have shown hostility toward gays.

Both physical and verbal attacks against gays are a crime in Germany.
We would think that loyalty to “German values” would mean that you believe that the Aryan race is the Master Race.

But, as Shark and Shepard suggests, in today’s politically correct Germany, “you can no longer be a good German if you don’t give Brokeback Mountain at least three stars.”

But this raises some interesting questions about U.S. immigration policy. Shouldn’t we require that immigrants by loyal to “American values?” For example, the vast majority of Americans are Christians. Shouldn’t we require that immigrants be Christians, or at least suitably positive toward Christians?

And America is a capitalist nation. Should we not bar immigrants who have any socialist tendencies?

This is sounding better all the time!

But unfortunately, we don’t control our own borders, so this discussion is all moot.

But the good news is that self-selection among immigrants probably achieves much the same result.


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