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Saturday, January 14, 2006

More on Leftist MUSG Speaker

The Office of Homeland Security has more on Eugene Jarecki, leftist anti-Bush anti-Iraq War film maker that MUSG is bringing to campus, claiming that he provides some balance to the left-leaning slate of speakers that Student Government has sponsored.

As blogger Joseph Kastner makes clear, Jarecki provides no balance at all.

One of the most revealing things Kastner has turned up is an interview with CTV in Canada were Jarecki pontificates:
There’s a growing sense among people that the wars we fight seem to be driven more by profit than by principle. And it’s that very shift in the public psyche and in our perception of our own role in the world... The film is called Why We Fight. It doesn’t answer the question “Why We Fight,” but it asks the question “Why We Fight.”

. . . I don’t look to blame any single public figure right now for the situation in which we find ourselves is that to do so would be to have institutional amnesia. It would be to forget the past and to forget the path by which we got to a place where a George Bush is possible, a Bush administration is possible, a war in Iraq. So senseless and so at odds with international norms of decency and collaboration among nations is possible. So, in order to understand the roots of that you’re only looking at a symptom if you focus on one particular administration or another, one leader or another.
The committment of MUSG to balance and fairness in its speakers program is highly questionable. It appears that leftist administrators in the Office of Student Development, and leftist students in Student Government are just doing what comes naturally to them.


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