Marquette Warrior: <EM>New York Times</EM> on Student Government’s Leftist Film Maker

Friday, January 20, 2006

New York Times on Student Government’s Leftist Film Maker

The New York Times reviews the film “Why We Fight,” by Eugene Jarecki. Jarecki is the leftist film maker invited by Marquette Student Government to speak at Marquette. There is nothing wrong with that, but Jarecki was supposed to balance the leftist bias of the MUSG speakers program.

According to the Times:
. . . it is clear from the start of this agitprop entertainment that Mr. Jarecki has a very good idea why America has seemed so eager to pick up arms over the past half-century. Calvin Coolidge famously said that the chief business of the American people is business; 80 years later, Mr. Jarecki forcefully, if not with wholesale persuasiveness, argues that our business is specifically war.

[. . .]

One person’s politically convincing argument is another’s propagandistic screed, and whether you buy the film will doubtless depend on your existing beliefs. That said, even those of radical political persuasion might find it hard to accept Mr. Jarecki’s argument that American militarism is, underneath the talk about freedom and democracy, a simple question of dollars.


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