Marquette Warrior: Detailed Review of “Why We Fight”

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Detailed Review of “Why We Fight”

From the Chicago Reader, a favorable but highly detailed review of the movie “Why We Fight,” which was shown and discussed tonight on the Marquette campus by leftist filmmaker Eugene Jarecki.

The review makes it clear that the movie is manipulative and dishonest.

An example:
More effective are those characters with an actual story arc — like Sekzer, who responded to Bush’s assertion of an Iraq-Al Qaeda link by asking the military to inscribe his son’s name on a weapon headed for Iraq. In no short time he got a message reporting that a 2,000-pound guided bomb had been dropped in loving memory of his son and “met with 100 percent success.” When the president later denied any link between Iraq and 9/11, Sekzer was stunned.
But in fact the Bush administration never claimed a link between Iraq and 9/11. There most certainly was a link between Iraq and terrorism. And indeed, the 9/11 Commission found several links between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda, but no “collaborative relationship.”

Jarecki has accepted a bogus leftist talking point.


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