Marquette Warrior: Iraq War Soldier Speaks at Marquette

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Iraq War Soldier Speaks at Marquette

From an e-mail sent out by a member of the College Republicans:
This Friday at 2 p.m. in AMU room 374, Fox News Military Analyst and retired Army Lt. Col. Scott Rutter will be presenting “The Liberation of Iraq — A Soldier’s Story.”

The Young America’s Foundation and the 4th District Republican Party of Wisconsin together have sponsored Lt. Col. Rutter to speak on campus as a balance to the Eugene Jarecki presentation to be held this evening.

Lt. Col. Rutter commanded the unit primarily responsible for the capture of Baghdad International Airport, which paved the way for the ultimate fall of the city and the regime.
Thus we have an interesting litmus test for the Marquette Tribune.

Will they give this talk the front-page publicity they gave leftist filmmaker Eugene Jarecki?


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