Marquette Warrior: JUSTICE & The University Ministry: Continuing to Hate Israel

Thursday, February 23, 2006

JUSTICE & The University Ministry: Continuing to Hate Israel

With a hat tip to Dan Suhr at GOP3.COM, the fact that both University bureaucrats and the leftist student group JUSTICE continue on an anti-Israel tact.

Their outlook doesn’t seem to have changed since the biased and one-sided program for the Arab Heritage Celebration last April.

Case in point: Julie Enslow, who is speaking at Soup With Substance on March 2nd.

Her hard-left politics can be seen from the fact that she helped organize an event in honor of Cindy Sheehan on the Milwaukee lakefront.

She doesn’t see Iran’s nuclear program as any sort of real problem. But she does want the U.S. to give up all nuclear weapons.

She moderated a discussion at the Peace Action Center in Milwaukee where all the panelists insisted that Israel must cease to exist as a Jewish state.

She makes the rounds with a slide show titled “Living Under Israeli Occupation.” We can be sure it includes no photos of victims of Palestinian suicide bombers.

She participated in an “anti-war” rally and “die-in” in Milwaukee in 2002. The event sounds like it was a hoot!

At another 2002 rally in Milwaukee she said of President Bush:
“He’s using terrorism and the innocent victims of Sept. 11 to push his entire agenda on domestic and international issues,” said Julie Enslow, a member of Peace Action of Wisconsin. “I think it’s outrageous and an insult to the people who died to use their deaths to justify a right-wing agenda.”
It would be bad enough if Soup With Substance had entirely liberal speakers. But Enslow is not a liberal. She’s a far-out-of-the-mainstream hard leftist, and she’s no part of any productive discussion of the Middle East.


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