Marquette Warrior: Lieutenant Governor Mixes Religion & Politics

Monday, February 13, 2006

Lieutenant Governor Mixes Religion & Politics

But that’s alright, since she mixed religion and liberal politics.

From Right Off the Shore:
“Religion and human rights intersect in the pursuit of justice...”
Who said it? Pat Robertson? James Dobson? George W. Bush? Some other right-winger, or “religious fanatic”? Nope. This quote was delivered by none other than our very own Lieutenant Governor, Barbara Lawton, at a Jewish Temple. Where are the indignant cries, the ones we hear every time GWB invokes God? Where are the concerns over the separation of church and state? Where are the claims that our elected officials are pushing religious views upon us?
According to the Capitol Times, Lawton:
She gave Reform Judaism credit for its commitment to “Tikkun Olam,” the idea of repairing the world through the pursuit of social justice.

It is the same idea that is the premise for democracy, for “building a just community where we live,” Lawton told a crowd of about 60 people as she delivered the annual Liesl M. Blockstein Memorial Lecture.
All right, all you conservatives out there.

You need to get with the program. It’s just fine to mix religion and politics so long as it’s to promote “social justice.” The point, however, is that you don’t get to define what social justice is. Only the left gets to do that.


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