Marquette Warrior: Madison: Double Standard on Offending Religion

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Madison: Double Standard on Offending Religion

From Letters in Bottles:

The Daily Cardinal, the student newspaper at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, reprinted a statement by Chancellor John Wiley attacking another student paper (the Badger Herald) for printing one of those cartoons of Muhammad that have caused riots throughout the Muslim world.
“This action has brought home to Madison, Wis., and to the university community, the same visceral, emotional response reported by the international media during the past several days,” the statement read. “We should remember always that actions have consequences […] we cannot pretend they don’t require our attention.”
And what is on the same page of the Daily Cardinal?

A link to a story with the heading “Sex Out Loud uses bicycles to promote condom use, lauds National Condom Week.”

Christians, you see, are not allowed to be offended when student activity fee money is used to promote sexual promiscuity.


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