Marquette Warrior: More Sports Nickname Political Correctness

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

More Sports Nickname Political Correctness

This time it’s professional soccer that is at issue.

From a Houston TV station:
Houston soccer fans, get ready for a new name.

Sources told 11 News that after pressure from the Hispanic community the name “Houston 1836” will be changed.

1836 is the year Houston was founded, but it is also the year Texas declared its independence from Mexico.

For many Mexican-Americans 1836 represents the year thousands of their forefathers lost their lives and their land.

Officials for the Major League Soccer team will not confirm the name change, but they did say they would have a major announcement within the next week.

No word on what the new name will be, but sources said there is a strong possibility it will be “Lone Star.”
This is truely bizarre.

The vast majority of Hispanics in the Houston area either chose to come to Texas (often illegally) or else their parents or grandparents or even more distant relatives did.

They chose to leave Mexico, for reasons we all understand.

Had there been no 1836, there would be no Texas to emigrate to, just another badly governed and poor province of Mexico.

Hat Tip: Mike Sever


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