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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Yet Another Marquette Blog

Sorting through Absurdity is run by a blogger whose nom de blog is L’Étranger. He describes himself as:
A bisexual, Roman Catholic scholar, I am an amateur philosopher and student of education at Marquette University.
This one, like Slouching Towards Sensibility goes on our “watch list” with MU Cerebellum.

This, That and All the Crap in Between has been around since December, and has had good posts, but only very few posts. Perhaps something on campus (or in the larger political landscape) will get Melissa and Katie fired up and we’ll see more activity.

Some people are pretty much compulsive bloggers, and some people aren’t, so time will tell who will persist and become a force.

Put us down as rooting for all of the above.


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