Marquette Warrior: “Equality in Education” Panel on Tuesday

Thursday, March 23, 2006

“Equality in Education” Panel on Tuesday

From Marquette University News Briefs:
How can the achievement gap be bridged among Wisconsin students? How can we be sure that each child is getting the quality education he or she deserves?

Find out what experts from both ends of the political spectrum as part of the “Equality in Education” panel sponsored by the College Republicans at 8 p.m. Tuesday in the AMU, 227. Panelists include Gerard Robinson, senior fellow at the Institute for the Transformation of Learning; Deborah McGriff, chair of the Black Alliance for Educational Options; Peter Blewett, education professor at the University of Wisconsin — Milwaukee; Dennis Oulahan, president of the Milwaukee Teacher’s Education Association; and Leah Vukmir, chair of the Assembly Education Reform Committee.
Kudos to the College Republicans for presenting a balanced panel.

Of course, they have every right to present a panel promoting the Republican pro-school choice position. But this one ought to be more interesting and ought to draw a wide audience.


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