Marquette Warrior: Free Speech vs. the Gay Lobby in Canada: One Victory

Friday, April 21, 2006

Free Speech vs. the Gay Lobby in Canada: One Victory

From the StarPhoenix:
REGINA - Saskatchewan’s highest court has ruled a Regina man did not violate the human rights code when he published a newspaper ad that criticized homosexuality.

In rejecting the decision of a human rights tribunal, the appeal court ruled that while Hugh Owens’ ads were no doubt blunt and upsetting, they didn’t violate the code.

Owens was charged after he saw newspaper ads publicizing gay pride week in 1997.

He then published his own ad in the Saskatoon StarPhoenix, which featured passages from the Bible that appeared to condemn homosexuality

There was also a drawing of two stick men holding hands surrounded by a circle with a line drawn through it.

A human rights board of inquiry found he affronted the dignity of gays - a decision that was upheld by a Queen’s Bench Justice in 2002, but has now been rejected by the high court.

At least one gay blog takes the gay activists to task for trying to shut up speech that they don’t like.

No group is monolithic, and there is a bit of a libertarian streak in the gay community, as shown by the reaction of our former student, Nate Romano, to a California federal court decision shutting up a high school student who expressed his Christian disapproval of homosexual acts.

In spite of this, the center of gravity among gay activists, as among feminists and other politically correct groups, is authoritarian and intolerant.


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