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Friday, April 07, 2006

Letter to the Editor: Wisconsin Anti-War Referenda

At Letter to the Editor on our recent article on the anti-Iraq War referenda here in Wisconsin:

I don’t really see where there would necessarily be a correlation between Kerry voting and the referenda across the state. A good many people who are against this war are still hung up on the idea that if we pull out of Iraq chaos would ensue, though of course it already is happening. I found that a lot when seeking signatures for the referendum petition in Shorewood.

So if this was purely a poll measuring opposition this would have been far higher. In fact that would be the case if we made this a state wide advisory.

As for Shorewood, we just about hit equal to Kerry’s percentage. That somehow did not make onto your post.

In fact it might have been higher if many people had not been put off by our 12-31-06 withdrawal deadline, which we failed to better explain as the establishment of something more solid than the Bush promising endless war in Iraq. As a matter of fact it appears that we drew more votes either way on the referendum than the race for village trustee and granted, maybe many of those might have been people who showed up to vote against it.

Keith Schmitz
Coordinator/Grassroots Shorewood


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