Marquette Warrior: Seeking Action on Darfur

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Seeking Action on Darfur

From our colleague Barry McCormick:

The second full meeting of the Darfur Action Coalition was held on Monday, April 3. About 50 people attended.

Prof. Richard Friman reported that while death and displacement in Darfur continue to accelerate, the existing peacekeepers from the Organization of African Unity are exhausting their funding and remain incapable of halting the violence. There are vague reports that NATO or the UN may eventually supplement or replace the OAU force, but thus far no firm commitments.

Prof. Barrett McCormick reported on the progress of the petition drive so far. Last week the DAC organized a trial run which collected 2000 signatures in two days. Those attending the meeting were asked to volunteer to staff tables during the next two weeks when the DAC will initiate an effort to obtain signatures from our whole campus.

Prof. John Pustejovsky of the Languages Department finished the meeting with a talk on why doing the right thing is important even when it is not clear that it will bring the results we want.

Anyone who wants more information or to help can contact the DAC at


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