Marquette Warrior: United Church of Christ: We are Inclusive, We Hate People Who Aren’t

Monday, April 03, 2006

United Church of Christ: We are Inclusive, We Hate People Who Aren’t

From the New York Times, another ad campaign from the liberal United Church of Christ about how Christians who don’t agree with them are narrow minded:
The campaign is being sponsored by the United Church of Christ, a Protestant denomination that garnered attention in late 2004 with a commercial that offered a startling perspective on religious diversity and inclusiveness. The spot, which returned last spring, showed two burly bouncers using a red velvet rope to block the entrance to a church, keeping out worshipers whose appearances departed from mainstream norms but letting in those with stereotypical all-American looks.

The church will return on April 3 with a second commercial, also from Gotham, titled “Ejector Pew.” The spot depicts a smug, traditional-looking family looking askance as they are joined inside a church by worshipers who are significantly different from them.

Suddenly, the worshipers who are disabled or elderly, or who appear to be gay, Hispanic or of Middle Eastern origin, are forcibly ejected from their seats. “God doesn’t reject people,” the commercial says. “Neither do we.”

. . .

The campaign will also run on the radio and in print. The contents will be different from the television commercial, carrying themes like “Our faith is over 2,000 years old. Our thinking is not” and “We don’t sing ‘Come Some of Ye Faithful.’”
Of course, the United Church of Christ is quite tolerant of (say) homosexuals, but not at all tolerant toward Jews who support Israel.

Indeed, UCC President John Thomas blasted the Simon Wiesenthal Center for a campaign of “disinformation” and accused them of being part of a cabal that constitutes “the powerful pro-Israel lobby that largely controls the Washington agenda on the Middle East.”

That is the way of politically correct “tolerance.”


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