Marquette Warrior: Amnesty International To Consider Taking Pro-Abortion Position

Friday, May 05, 2006

Amnesty International To Consider Taking Pro-Abortion Position

From an anti-abortion web site:
MORALES, Mexico, August 10, 2005 ( - Amnesty International (AI) is to consider pushing abortion as a human right at its biennial International Council Meeting (ICM) beginning next week. The August 14-20 ICM with representatives from the fifty AI branches worldwide will consider altering the organization’s neutral stance on abortion.

Amnesty International’s current policy on abortion states: “AI takes no position on whether or not women have a right to choose to terminate unwanted pregnancies; there is no generally accepted right to abortion in international human rights law.”

The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) points out that at a preparatory meeting for the ICM in London last month, keynote speakers included representatives from pro-abortion groups International Planned Parenthood Federation, the Marie Stopes organisation and the Federation for Women and Family Planning in Poland.

Commenting on the likelihood of the ICM changing the AI stand on abortion, UK AI spokesman Mike Blakemore told the Catholic Universe, “It is impossible to say at this stage what the outcome of this meeting will be. Reproductive rights will be discussed but there may be no decision made. The decisions at the ICM are made according to how they effect rights all around the world.”
Here is another article on the issue.

Amnesty International has an honorable history of support “prisoners of conscience” worldwide.

But increasingly the organization acts like just another liberal lobby. The organization’s opposition to the death penalty was one huge step in this direction, and if they become pro-abortion, they will look to be no different from the ACLU or People for the American Way.


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