Marquette Warrior: Mexico’s Elite: Looking Out for Numero Uno

Friday, May 19, 2006

Mexico’s Elite: Looking Out for Numero Uno

From The American Conservative, are article about how Mexico’s political elite, who have the temerity to lecture the U.S. about our immigration policy, reap the benefits of a corrupt system that creates the incentive for poor Mexicans to emigrate.
Mexico City—A watchword of Mexican politics is “Show me a politician who is poor and I will show you a poor politician.” In accord with this adage, many Mexican officials enjoy generous salaries and lavish fringe benefits. Even as they live princely lifestyles, they and their fellow elites pay little in taxes and refuse to spend sufficient money on education and health care to create opportunities in Mexico — a country that abounds in oil, natural gas, gold, beaches, fish, water, historic treasures, museums, industrial centers, and hard-working people. Rather than mobilizing these bountiful resources to uplift the poor, Mexico’s privileged class noisily demands that Uncle Sam open his border wider for the nation’s “have nots.”
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