Marquette Warrior: ScrappleFace: U.S. Troops on the Border Will Face North

Friday, May 19, 2006

ScrappleFace: U.S. Troops on the Border Will Face North

From Scrapple Face, stunning news about a committment that President Bush has made to Mexican President Vicente Fox.
In an effort improve his sagging popularity in Mexican public opinion polls, President George Bush today reassured his Mexican counterpart that his move to place more National Guard units at the border is actually intended to keep illegal aliens from escaping the U.S.

With Congress moving toward heavier penalties for undocumented workers and their employers, President Bush reportedly told Mexican President Vicente Fox that the U.S. government will do all it can to “retain the people who do the jobs no one else will do.”

In a 15-minute phone call to Mr. Fox, President Bush reiterated his commitment to immigration reform that would ensure the right of Mexicans to “run away from your pathetic third-world dump, without restricting the flow of U.S. dollars that prop up your alleged government.”

The White House said moving more National Guard units to the border would shore up the president’s conservative Republican base.

“They always like to see military deployments,” an unnamed White House spokesman said, “and since most members of Congress never visit the border, they won’t realize that our troops are facing north.”


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