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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Christian News Site

Actually, a site for people who are part of the Christian evangelical culture, and aren’t too strait-laced.

Recent headlines:
  • Outsourced prayer lines confuse callers — a woman called a Christian prayer line and talked to someone who prayed in a strong Indian accent that “all the gods would bless her mightily.”
  • Presbyterian Church USA launches ambitious plan to lose only 5% of members
  • Heart attack victim goes unnoticed at Pentecostal revival
  • Satan to host MTV Music Awards — Satan, who “has become the de facto head of the big three networks,” promises “Live animals copulating during a performance by Aerosmith.”
  • Church franchise a hit, but hostile take-overs rattle congregations — A Tennessee church goes into the franchise business and takes over churches around the country
  • Missionary kids sue parents for ‘sucky, non-western upbringing’


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