Marquette Warrior: Congressional Black Caucus Standing Firm Behind William Jefferson

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Congressional Black Caucus Standing Firm Behind William Jefferson

From the Daily Kos (yes, you read that right):

. . . the fact that the Congressional Black Caucus is standing firm behind Congressman William Jefferson, and opposing his removal from the powerful House Ways and Means Committee.

According to The Hill:
Tensions remained raw between the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) and Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) as the House minority leader continues her effort to oust Rep. William Jefferson (D-La.) from the Ways and Means Committee while he is the focus of a government bribery investigation.

The CBC voted for the second time in three weeks to approve an internal resolution opposing the involuntary removal of Jefferson from the committee. Occurring during the group’s regularly scheduled Wednesday luncheon, the vote was overwhelmingly in Jefferson’s favor, said a CBC source, although Reps. Kendrick Meek (D-Fla.) and John Lewis (D-Ga.) argued that the political ramifications of not removing Jefferson might outweigh concerns about his individual well-being.
Jefferson, of course, was the fellow caught on videotape taking a bribe from an undercover FBI agent in a sting operation.

We called the office of Congresswoman Gwen Moore, Marquette alumna, member of the House of Representatives and member of the Congressional Black Caucus to get her reaction. Our call wasn’t returned.

All this raises the question: why such tolerance of sleazy and unethical behavior on the part of black politicians?

This reminds us of Eugene Kane’s column defending Milwaukee Alderman Michael McGee, Jr.

Why are so many black politicians, and (in the case of Kane) black columnists willing to accept lower ethical standard from blacks?

Partly it is the result of having an entire generation of black politicians, bureaucrats, activists and journalists who are essentially race hustlers. They are about race, and not much else. Thus, any issue has to be viewed through the lens of race, and on any issue the black person must be viewed as the victim and the whites as the oppressors.

But white liberals certainly have played the role of enablers. White journalists hire black journalists to present a “black” perspective. But the criterion for a “black perspective” is to say stuff that white liberals like. Or, if they don’t like it, stuff that they will accept as a just response to America’s racial sins.

White elected officials, scared to death of being called “racist” merely for applying the same standards to blacks that everybody would apply to whites, will keep a discrete distance from the misconduct of black politicians.

Or even worse, pander to them, as the Mayor of Wauwautosa did when she gave McGee a hug in response to his hurling obscenities at city police officers who were investigating his suspicious behavior outside a Blockbuster video store.

Those who aren’t willing to hold black public officials to the same standard that everybody agrees applies to whites are doing no good to the cause of racial equality.

They are pushing the condescending (and untimately demeaning) notion that black people aren’t able to achieve the same ethical standards as whites.

They would each and every one be offended by anybody bluntly saying that blacks are morally inferior to whites, but that is the precise notion they are promoting.


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